Braendlab was founded by Herbert Bren. The combination of "Bren" and "Brand" results in the brand /braendlab/ and stands for strategic concepts, exceptional brand development and design.



Our industry knowledge and strong strategic process will reveal the rich emotional narrative that lies at the heart of your brand. In the hands of our team of creative experts, your brand will come to life in a way that surpasses your expectations and convince your customers. 

What would it take to captivate, charm and enchant your customers? How can you excite true confidence? We have made attaining this emotion our craft, and will work with you to seamlessly weave moments of delight through your brand. Our customers appreciate our many years of experience in the fields of tourism, publishing, beauty and lifestyle. 




Our expertise joins the dots between luxury travel and hospitality, food and beverage, publishing, interior-design and beauty. With deep insight into the luxury lifestyle sector we understand industry trends, your competitor landscape and the motivations of your customer. With our fingers on the pulse, we can ensure your brand surpasses trend and preempts your audience’s needs.


We have become renowned for our strong strategic process. With a combined number of years in the industry we know what works and have the necessary expertise to successfully implement brands. We will not overwhelm you with dozens of proposals and hope that one sticks. Instead, our strategy enables us to work with you, thoughtfully coaxing out the brand identity that truly embodies who you are.


Once we understand what lies at the heart of your brand, we will create a visual and linguistic identity that surpasses your expectations. We see this as the face of your brand, one that will evoke emotion and serve you and your customers a hearty helping of delight.



Crafted  A small selection of our work

SKNLAB Natural Skincare for men only (ST, BD, CD, CI, CO) Fogs Green Style Magazin (OW, SE, ST, BD, CD, CI, CO) | Mavida Balance Hotel & Spa (OW, SE, BD, ID) | Clean Beauty Concept (BD, CD, CI) | Herzcom Communication (BD, CD, CI) / Designhotels (ST, BD, CO) | Castel son Claret (ST, BD, CO) | Bikini Berlin (CO) | The Cambrian (ST, RL, CD) | Hotel Topazz (BD, CO) | Hotel Lamee (BD, CO) | Kinderhotel Hagleitner (OW, SE, BD, ID) | Hotel Kempinski Savudria (CO, ST) | Somea Well-Aging (ST, BD, CI, CO) | Spencer Management Partners (ST, BD, CO) b3 Hospitality Service (ST, BD, CO) | Mövenpick Hotels (CO, ST) | Grand Hotel (ST, BD, CO) | Lidarina Hotelmanagement (CO)

OW: Owner | SE: Successful Exit | ST: Strategy | BD: Brand Development | RL: Relaunch

CD: Corporate Design | CI: Corporate Identity | CO: Concept | ID: Interior Concept



Please contact us if you have questions about any of our works.

Stallburggasse 2/38

1010 Vienna

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